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How to dress for your body type.

Body Shapes

As you can see in the following diagram, there are 4 basic body types.

Banana Body Description:
-You generally have an athletic body with toned arms.
-Rectangular shaped body.
-Your waist is less than 9 inches smaller than either your hip or bust measurements.
-Your upper body is proportionate to your lower body.
-Smaller bust size.
-Not much curve at your waist.
-Usually have great legs.

How to dress a banana shape: The goal of dressing the banana shape is to use clothing to give your body curves.

-Wear knee length a-line skirts.
-Chose jeans, pants, and skirts that sit below your waist.
-Look for tops with ruffles, large prints, or detailing.
-Wear a padded bra to add a cup size.
-Add fun necklaces and scarves to your outfit.
-Jackets with a cinched waist will give you more of an hour glass shape.
-Wrap dresses look wonderful on you.

Do Not:
-Don’t wear tight clothing that will accentuate your lack of curves.
-Stay away from vertical lines.
-Do not wear high waisted pants or skirts – these do not help create curves. Quite the opposite on you.
-Avoid wearing loose fitting tops and dresses. Remember the goal is to create shapes, not hide them.
-Jackets that end at your waist are not a good choice since they do not help to define your waist.

Celebrity Banana Shapes: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth, Kate Hudson, and Keira Knightley.

Apple Body Description

-Inverted triangular shaped body
-The bust measurement is larger than the hip measurement.
-Large chest and bust for your frame.
-You carry most of your weight around your midsection.
-Usually have slim legs, hips, and bottom.

How to dress an apple shape: The goal of dressing an apple shape is to elongate your upper body, and define your waist .
-Pants and skirts with a flare will help draw attention to your lower body, balancing out your upper body.
-To elongate your body, wear longer tops that end over your hips. Pair this with pants that taper out.
-Wear darker colors on top, brighter clothes on your lower body.
-Chose wrap shirts and wrap dresses.
-V necked tops draw the eye in and away from your shoulders.
-Get fitted for a good bra that will let you look your best and show off your best assets.
-Belted jackets, dresses, and tops help your waist to look smaller.
-High heels help to elongate your body.

-Avoid tops with puffy sleeves.
-Pleated pants will only add inches to your waist.
-Pants that taper in towards your ankle should be avoided as they only make your top half look larger.
-Tops that are busy with a lot of detailing, or too tight should not be worn.
Celebrity Apple Shapes: Tyra Banks, and Dolly Parton.

Pear Body Description
-Triangular shaped body
-Hip measurement is larger than the bust.
-Wide hips and bottom.
-You carry most of your weight on your hips, thighs, and bottom.
-Usually have slender neck and shoulders
-Often have a flat tummy

How to Dress a Pear Shape: The goal of dressing a pear shape is to draw attention away from your hips and bottom, and emphasize your top half. This will help create balance.
-Wear brighter colors on top, and darker colors on bottom.
-Pants should be a straight leg.
-Chose tops that have ruffles, or interesting details to draw attention away from your lower body.
-Empire waist dresses are a good choice for accentuating your smaller top half, and hiding your wider lower body.
-A-line skirts are your best choice.
-Wrap dresses work well with your figure.
-Do not wear pants that taper in at the ankles. This will make your hips look even larger.
-Jackets that end at the widest part of your hips.
-Tuck in your shirts – this creates a boxy look with your shape.
-Pencil skirts should not be worn.
Celebrity Pear Shapes: Jennifer Lopez, Mischa Barton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Kelly Clarkson

Hour Glass Body Description
-Classic Hourglass Shape
-The bust measurement is roughly the same as the hip measurement
-Your waist is about 10 inches smaller than your bust and hips.
-Your body looks proportionately curvy.

How to dress an Hour Glass Shape: With your well proportioned body, you need to find clothes that don’t add extra weight to your frame, and clothes that elongate.

-Pencil skirts.
-Wear a good support bra.
-V-neck tops (but not too low cut) will draw attention to your face.
-Wrap dresses will accentuate your beautiful curves.
-Short fitted jackets.
Tailored pants with slight flare at bottom.
-Wide belts
-Shapeless tops – they do not accentuate your waist, and add weight to your body.
-Empire dresses & tops.
-Short skirts will visually cut your body into small pieces.
-Baggy pants will only add extra weight.

Celebrity Hour Glass Shapes include Jessica Simpson, Kate Winslet, and Salma Hayek.

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